CrossFit – High-Intensity Workout – Emphasis On Recovery

CrossFit is one of the fastest growing high-intensity interval training workouts in the United States.

More often than not, there is a workout written for the group before the day begins and each member of the gym completes said workout. It’s a great workout,, focused on leaning body mass and creating the strongest athletes possible. Within this though, there are no superhumans that are able to complete these strenuous workouts with recovery time. A lack of recovery means the body does not have time to heal from the existing stressors put on it and can quickly lead to strains, fractures, and even internal complications due to overtraining.

Recovery Day is proud to be a vendor for the CrossFit CRASH Crucible competition here in the Upstate in just a few weeks. We understand the true importance of recovery and how we are able to make sure these phenomenal athletes perform the best in hopes of making it to the biggest CrossFit stage in just a few months!

It’s not too early to come in and make sure that you perform your best, CrossFit athlete or not!

Schedule your Recovery Day Therapy Here – we look forward to seeing you!

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