Recovery Day Spotlight: CR

CR was a national champion Lacrosse player throughout his college career.

Growing up in an area that is known for its lacrosse, he started the game extremely early and grew into a player that was able to attain a full-ride to school to play, win national championships, and continue to play and coach to this day. Adding in a full-time job where he uses his body more than most though, CR began to have pain throughout the left side of his body. Having a keen respect for athletic trainers since college, he reached out to Recovery Day and purchased a membership before he even came in for the first time.

What therapy worked for him:

  • Realignment of hips
  • Myofascial release of trapezius for alignment purposes as well
  • Cupping to loosen knots in upper back and regenerate blood flow
  • Passive release of piriformis every visit
  • Normatec boots following events

How can Recovery Day Therapy work for you? Check out our therapy services page and membership options available.


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