Certified Athletic Trainer Versus Health Care Professional

How Does Athletic Training Differ From Other Health Care Professionals?


  • Certified healthcare professionals that undergo clinic rotations in undergraduate education – is now moved to master’s instead of undergraduate.

    • Have significant education requirements including board of certification exam after education process

    • Most have a Master’s degree

  • The client/patient is with us from start to finish of the injury – from initial injury to diagnosis to diagnostic testing, rehab, and back to comfortable normal life or athletics.

  • Able to work in almost any healthcare setting – clinic, hospital, athletics (pro, college, high school, and even middle school), physical therapy clinics

  • Create substantial relationships with our patients – likely due to us being there throughout it all

  • Work to prevent injury, not just treat after the fact – can do both though

  • Focus on efficient treatment plans – not focused on step by step processes or requiring patients to “jump through hoops” to get help

  • Also first responders – we can save your life and have had to do so before

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