Recovery Day Client Spotlight: JAVIN

Javin is a Division 1 sprinter who has struggled with chronic tightness throughout his lower body.

His overly tight lower body led him to having a hamstring injury, a common occurrence for those who push their bodies to the limit like him. With treatment he begin to feel better; however, as he felt better he did not continue doing the things that helped to get him to a better point. After taking the time to address his overall tightness and keeping him on a regimented plan, Javin began to have more great days than bad days. So much so that it led him to his first 4x100m Conference Championship.

How Javin’s Treatment Was Successful:

Using a variety of soft tissue mobilization techniques, cupping, scrapping, myofascial release, were a big part of his treatment plan. In conjunction with these techniques was a plan of exercises to strengthen his hamstrings, glutes and groin, along with a lower body stretching protocol.

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