Wellness Wednesday – Cool Down

Today’s Wellness Wednesday is about cooling down following a workout.

The cool down is a stretch or exercise that you do after your workout or even a hard day at work. A cool down could be anything from a light jog to a small stretching routine. The purpose of a cool down is to get your body back to a steady-state, like getting the heart rate down and back to normal. Cool downs help get your body temperature back to normal, prevent injuries, and allow your muscles to relax and return back to their normal length. Cool downs are for everyone. From those who choose to exercise, like running, walking, jogging, and even lifting weights, to those who work in factory jobs. If you were to not cool down, it is entirely possible to become light-headed, have headaches, tightness or muscle soreness, faint, become dizzy, etc. Cooling down after a workout is just as important as warming up, maybe even more so.


For those who still don’t heed these warnings, Recovery Day still has a few appointment times available for this week!

Recovery Day, where everyone is an athlete.



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