What Is Electrical Stimulation?

Electrical stimulation, or stim as you’ll hear it when you come in to visit us, is a tried and true fan favorite.

This modality uses mild electrical pulses on the skin that is used to pinpoint the place of pain on the person and send those electrical pulses to injured muscles and ever nerve cells to reduce the pain. The stimulation part of this process will send targeted signals to muscles that are in pain to make them contract. By doing this repeatedly, the modality mimics the pulses of neuron cells within the body normally and improves blood flow which helps to repair injured areas of the body.

While most of you may have a TENS unit at home, we focus on stronger, medical grade units that are able to provide Interferential current (IFC) treatments, Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) treatments, and electrical muscle simulation (EMS) to work with our clients. You’ll often feel a small tingle when it begins and we will ask you to let us know when it reaches a point of “strong but comfortable” so that we can stop it in a place that remains beneficial.

We use it in a variety of ways but primarily, we will use it at the end of a combination session to bring down the inflammation that we may have caused or that you were already dealing with. We know how helpful it can be and would highly recommend it to those who are in any type of pain.

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